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Essentials of Elastic Power

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 – Of the 5 muscle changes, contracting, relaxing and holding are obvious and used by all but the 2 hidden phases of stretch and un-stretch are too fast and too subtle to be sensed or controlled from the superficial mind. Zheng Manqing (Cheng Man-Ching) said: ‘If you want to know how to use Taiji, then you must know the five elements.’ All good old masters of Taiji understand these five types of strength which can be generated within the body…more

When Active Muscles Lengthen

 – Technical article on Stretching Active Muscles – When the force applied to a muscle exceeds the force produced by the muscle it will lengthen, absorbing mechanical energy.



These eccentric contractions, which result in both braking and storing elastic recoil energy in normal locomotion, require very little metabolic energy, yet they are characterized by high force productio

Taiji Body Alignment

 – Phase 1 (Move): A wave of intention, energy and movement rises…
Phase 2 (Release): Align the Lower Body…
Phase 3 (Stretch): Align the Upper Body…
Phase 4 (Un-stretch): Strengthen the Alignment while issuing ‘Spring Force’…
Phase 5 (Settle): Intention, energy and body settle naturally…more


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